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  1. What would be the best rpm to run at. with volvo 5.0 osi 3,600 seems to be her sweet spot. what do other owners think
  2. Length X width divide by 7
  3. Just try some sunbrella carpet runners
  4. Dan, What is the hose from on top of sump box.
  5. hey, fellow boaters where on the sassafras and head down to jellyfish on weekends can't wait for spring
  6. I too am curious about the vinyl color/source. I have a small tear on our 2006 282CR and not sure if it can be repaired or the entire seat needs to be recovered. I want the vinyl to match the rest of the seats, and need to know if the same is still available. MOST, can you help ????
  7. brass plugs on back of each exhaust manifold, brass pitcock or plug on side of engine block, pull of hose on water pump. you could always pull water intake hose off and use a garden hose with a hose clamp and a 5 gallon bucket of -100 antifreze and run engine then fog and shut off engine should be up to temp to make sure thermostat is open. it is best to drain engine before doing this but people do do with out draing but use -100 anifreze good luck
  8. on a 2006 282cr fuel sender not working... what type / make is the sending unit part # ?
  9. You can reach back there and twist pump off base its the same as front pump you may have enough play in wire to replace or it may just be cloged with somthing. good luck and happy boating
  10. All is well with head system now. vac pump was wierd to bus under helm. rewierd to 12v panel marked head .....
  11. DWE, check fuel filter housing for paint coming off coud be source of noies
  12. happy birthday and happy boating

  13. whats going on at the jersey shore this summer. any planed boat trips ??? raft ups??
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