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  1. Problem solved...(forgot to answer back).The water filter had a crack that could be identified only when taken apart.Replaced filter and water pressure is back.It's a nice feeling when you solve the problem on your own at low cost.
  2. Hi, Is there a way how to replace the manual bildge pump located behind both engines next to the draining bolt? Any ideas will help. Thanks
  3. Hi, I had the same problem and found out the water filter between water tank and pump, had a crack underneath.Had to take it apart,block one end and blow through the other to check it.New filter and the job done. I hope this helps
  4. I took the risk to change nearly all Faria gauges with new ones.No comparism,the new ones are bright and readable at night.And Yes old gauges are VERY dim.
  5. Hi, i'm a new owner of a 2001 monterey 282 and am trying to solve a few problems on board.The water tank is full but i keep getting lots of air and few drops of water from all taps.The head system seems to be working fine.Any ideas solving the problem will help,thanks. Yesterday was the first time i put her to sea ater all the paperwork i had to go through here.I'm in love with my monterey.She was going 42m with 2500rpm. Peter
  6. Hi all monterey boaters.Our 2001 monterey 282 just arrived in Greece
  7. Hi monterey boaters, i also finaly got my first boat and its a 2001 monterey 282.Have'nt had the chance to run it on water yet,probably next week.I live in Athens Greece and summer is starting to fade away for 2009. some pics at customs
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