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  1. gfick1, Just curious how you cut the hydro turf. Their product looks good, but I'm worried I wouldn't be able to cut the curves smoothly to make it look right?
  2. Thanks...I'm having the MTK installed in 2 weeks on my 194. I took one of the side panels off and it didn't give access to underside of hull.(there was fiberglass wall behind the panel) Mine is a few years older than yours, so perhaps they are built different. I took the speaker out and it provides some access, but I am afraid on mine they'll have to cut a small hole to get the access they need. Good to hear the hull thickness is good. I think my installer is going to add marine grade plywood under the mounting brackets for added support.
  3. Argo, sure would like to see pics of your install of the MTK tower and any other sample pics of that tower. Also, any issues with the install? Did they have the access they needed or did they have to cut a hole to gain access to mount the tower? thanks in advance. eric eric.jacobsen66@gmail.com
  4. Argo-Sure, can you send me that pic you do have of a 194 with the MTK? My email is eric.jacobsen66@gmail.com Thanks and good luck with your install.
  5. Did you buy Carpet from Monterey or from a local marine carpet maker?
  6. Argo- just curious if you ordered the MTK for your boat? I'd love to see a pic and see exactly where you mounted it. I'm considering same for mine. thx.
  7. Argo--have you ordered your Seadek platform pads yet? If so, did you order through a dealer or through Sea Dek Directly? I'm considering the same for my 194 and was curious.
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