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  1. I own a Monterey 2001 282. My sump, which the shower and head sink drain into is pumped overboard. My galley sink drains directly overboard without going into the sump at all. My friends who own other manufacturers boats even younger than mine also pump or drain grey water overboard. I would think that pumping grey water into the holding tank will fill up that tank very quickly. Sometimes a grey water holding system is an option on boats or totally self contained waste systems are required in certain boating areas. I personally would reroute it overboard unless regulations prohibit it. Although pump outs are free they do require a tip and time must be set aside to wait for the pump out boat.
  2. Scott, Never heard of NOT running both before. I have always kept both AC and DC on when ever we are onboard, otherwise you can't run the head and lights while the air is on. I always leave the AC on even when not onboard mostly for the fridge and to keep the humidity function of the air condition on during real humid days. I do not leave the battery charge on when not there as I would be concerned the auto charge may not shut off and destroy the batteries, although my neighbor always leaves his AC on. (just I always physically disconnect the shoreline water supply when not onboard in the even a fitting breaks on the boat. I also shut the DC main switch off when leaving the boat for extended periods in case i left something on so I'll have good batteries when I return.
  3. Follow up, I purchased the two 15 X 17" aluminum props and with 2 people on board I was able to get 4600 RPM's at WOT and that was without trimming the outdrives fully, had a limited amount of distance to do the run. The Solas props did extremely well, very pleased. I'll run them for the season to see how they perform.
  4. Hello, I have a 2001 282 which utilizes a pole to support the aft seat. This pole has a hinge about an inch from the bottom of the pole which slides into a recessed deck plate. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
  5. Thanks Artemus, I bought the boat with one siezed engine so I had it changed before launching then had the other one serviced with wires, plugs, timing etc.. I called Monterey and they said the boat was originally shipped with 14 1/2 x 17" not the stainless 19"s that are on there now. I have a 17" aluminum from my old boat so I think I'll buy one more 17 counter rotating aluminum for about $100 and see what that gives me this season..
  6. Thanks for the feedback Rip5, i was kinda thinking the same...Mercruiser is suggesting a 4 blade 16" for the extra thurst for all that boats weight, our full load is 140 gals of fuel, 40 gals of water and all the crip crap one needs to carry on a weeks excursion to Cuttyhunk, probably adds about 2,000 lbs to the dry weight.
  7. Welcome aboard as a new Monterey owner. I purchased a 2001 282 last season...was a Sea Ray owner, and love the Monterey. You'll find this web site very helpful hopefully as I did finding those ellusive parts etc... Good boating!
  8. I have recently purchased a 2001 282 with twin mercruiser 5.0L 220 engines with Alpha 1's. I have a hard time getting on plane with a full load and can only turn 4200 RPM's at WOT using SS 14" x 19" props. I am getting many conflicting recommendations from prop dealers...some say go with 3 blade 15 1/2" x 17", some say 14 1/4 x 17" , some say go with a 4 blade 15" x 17" or 15" x 16"... Any one that has a similar boat they can tell me what they are using or any suggestions from anyone else...don't want to spend nearly $1,000 for wrong props...Thanks
  9. Thanks Griff, I'll try to follow the vent line to find it.
  10. hello, Any feedback would be appreciated. Trying to locate the cartridge filter from the holding tank to the overboard vent on a 2001 282. According the the owners manual there is one but can't seem to locate it...Any suggestions...and it REALLY needs changing. Thanks
  11. This is my first season with my 2001 282 cruiser w/twin 5.0L 220HP small block V8's. The boat came with stainless 17" p props but they seem to be too aggressive as it is very difficult to get up on plan with full tanks and a couple guests (no cavitating but engines won't go above 3200 rpm).... once on plane the WOT is 4200 which is on the low side of the range. Can anyone with these engines shed some light on what they are using for wheels...was thinking of going with ss 15" p, 14.3 d props but it's a buy it and own it senario once they are purchased...Thanks for any advise.
  12. TomD, We also have just switched from a 1987 Searay 250 to a 2001 Monterey 282. Although not even launched yet I like what I see so far, so I too have to trade in my Searay hat for a Monterey one.
  13. Thanks Rip5, will wait should have power next week.
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