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  1. I live in Charlevoix... so I have immediate access to Lake Michigan or Charlevoix. I've been a boater my entire life, and if there is a heaven for boaters, this is it! Never a shortage of places to go, or things to see.
  2. To the OP... Great Lakes Canvas was the original manufacturer of our canvas and has the patterns. http://www.greatlakesboattop.com/othersearch/index.php?action=othersearchresults Unfortunately there was no FULL COVER offered for these boats, especially one to fit an extended platform. I would also be VERY cautious about trying to use canvas as an outdoor winter cover if you get snow where you live. The weight of snow will destry expensive canvas in a hurry. I have used Great Lakes to replace my entire set of canvas and was 1000% happy with prices, fitment, cost and shipping.
  3. Just a heads up. If anyone needs replacement carpet for the 262 (I think 98-02 are all the same) i had a guy in Michigan make the pattern. He uses heavy quality marine carpet with a heavy NON SLIP rubber backing, and does INCREDIBLE work with a dozen color choices for about $700.00. Contact me if you need info.
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