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  1. Tables are pretty standard - 2.25" post. I would measure to confirm You can pick the stantion up from west marine here: http://www.westmarine.com/buy/west-marine--quick-release-table-pedestal-system-replacement-table-components--P018_540_003_519 Then all you require the the actual table that is sized appropriately.
  2. I had a four winns with a 5.0 220HP that was aproximately the same weight (stock 3 blade prop). While you would not have the torque in the hole shot that a V8 provides, the V6 should provide ample power/torque to get your skiers up - especially with a hot prop. I would not worry about it unless you wanted to do more than 50MPH in the boat. or carry 8 people on a regular basis. If so, then definately opt for the V8. One more thing to think of is resale. I don't have any insight into V6 vs V8 in this regard, but it may be prudent to see what the price differences are on used prior to making you decision. Either way I doubt you will be disappointed.
  3. Bought an 02' 248LS cuddy a few weeks back and was wondering if anyone had in sight into the part numebrs for the canvas. I know they were made by Taylor Made, but contacting them did not yeild any answers. I know the boat is a bit older, but I was hoping that it would still be available as the model was produced through the late 2000's. Have the bimini, but require all 4 side curtains. Thanks for any help!
  4. Just bought an 02' 248LSC. Keep it on LBI.
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