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  1. Looks great, I love how it's offset to save space, but where did you get the base mount for the swim platform, I assume the other pieces were custom welded?
  2. For all you folks who have installed a grill with a pedestal mount on the swim platform can you tell me if you used screws with bedding or bolts with washers etc? Also I have a 99 322, how thick is the swim platform? Thank you
  3. Hi all, I just purchased a 99 322 and have some questions and have attached pictures to help explain. 1. The boat need a curtain for the aft cabin, the track is there, but I have no clue where to get the curtain holder / sliders 2. There is what looks to be a switch on the head/ bathroom wall just below the port window, what might this be for? I tried it but it did nothing 3. I also need curtain / holders for the head / bathroom shower curtain where can these be purchased. 4.. Id like to update all the faucets (Galley, Head, Wetbar) and I'm curious to know what other have found that worked well 5. Some of the Switches and Switch plates look weathered, I can not seem to find this style anyware, again any suggestions would be apprecaited Thanks in advance
  4. Can you please tell me where I can buy curtain hangers for the thin channeled guide on the aft and for the head shower rod of my 1999 322. Thanks in advance
  5. I changed the out-drive oil on my new to me Monterey 322 last fall and noticed that both out-drives are slowly leaking at the drain bolt. I can only think that the size of oring the marina gave me was wrong because when I put them onto the bolt they did not seem to sit in the channel very well, by that I mean they did not fill in the channel. Also the marina gave me 3 different orings for the drain, vent and dipstick, but my research suggests that the vent and drain are the same size?? Any info/advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello I'm sending you a private message because my wife and I are also in southern Ontario and just bought a 99 322. I noticed that you have your for sale on kijiji, I hope that doesn't mean you don't like the boat?

    1. Artemus


      Actually we love the boat, only we were looking at a bigger boat. No matter what size boat you own, there never seems to be quite enough room... LOL! The wife likes the Cruisers 3870s, but Im not so sure... We will very likely stay with the Monterey for now.


      We boat out of Bayport in Midland on Georgian Bay. Where do you do your boating?



  7. 303 aerospace, cleaner, protectant and fabric guard is the best stuff, sumbrella even recommends it
  8. I thought I came up with a great name for my 322 until I goggled it and realized it's not so original, but I'm curious to know if you all thinks so, because I'm still leaning towards it. Hydrotherapy
  9. I swear on 303 Aerospace the cleaner, protectant and fabric Guard products are amazing
  10. I hace a 99 322 and my icemaker is made by U-Line. It crapped out and I replaced it with a Nova Kool R1200 refigerator only (no need for an icemaker) is was an exact fit, see link http://www.novakool.com/documents/r12002013_000.pdf Good luck
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