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  1. Well after much online research boats, RVs, etc., still no answer to the manufacturer of the icebox. So I have taken it out and placed 2 Rubbermaid small plastic containers with the see-thru side door inside the cavity. Holds most of my Plano tackle boxes until I come up with a better solution. Probably going to build a Sunbrella roll up cover until I make something permanent. Another board member fabricated a door and is also using the space for storage.
  2. Does anyone know who makes the icebox in the 262 Cruiser? After 13.5 seasons the plastic is finally falling apart and I need to replace the insert under the rear sink.
  3. I had no problems with the 700 I installed. The line works well with the factory installed roller. I have 200' of rode with 25' of chain and it is a tight fit in the locker. Often I need to guide it into the locker. The factory installed cable ends at the helm but it is easy to snake the cable back to the engine compartment.
  4. Contact Faria directly in Connecticut. Their gauges have a lifetime warranty and the replacement cost is around $9
  5. I installed a Lewmar 700 a few years back. Plenty of room for the install. I have 150' rode with 25' of chain. I gained access to the anchor locker through the mirror by fabricating a hinge set up. The boat is pre-wired for the windlass; the cable runs along the hull to deck seam on the starboard side to to dash.
  6. I converted mine to a tackle locker the day I bought the boat orignally replacing the door with marine plywood. It removes easily with 4 screws so you should be able to take exact measurements. I will be replacing the original doors hinges with fabricated aluminum hinges during the winter lay-up.
  7. On my '00 262 the cables fun along the starboard side and terminate under the helm.
  8. Very common to our boats. Rain water will drain down from the anchor locker. They way the bilge is formed it is almost impossible for the pumps to pick up all the water. I end up using a vacuum to keep mine dry but it is a royal P.I.T.A.
  9. Again, it depends on what props you are running and the ratio of your drive. You should be running a 1.95:1 ratio. If they are F4's or F5's with the 1.95:1 ratio and 250 SHP, then you are right were you are supposed to be. The speed range according to VP's prop catalog would be 37 to 44. The rpm specs are the same for the aluminum D props. D4's max out at 35 mph and D5's max out at 40 mph. And obviously your weight and how much you trim out the drive will impact your max rpm. Hope this helps.
  10. With F4 or F5 SS props you should be in the 4200-4600 range.
  11. With F4 or F5 props and 1.95:1 ratio you should be in the range of 4200-4600 according to VP's prop catalog.
  12. Ed, Here is one picture but if you email me at recuomo@optonline.net I can send you more shots. If I remember correctly the plug fit through a 1/2" hole that I filled with 5200 sealant and was covered by the "clamshell" provided in the mounting kit. Ray
  13. Here's another shot from the end of 2005. Shows how thew cable is routed through the transom.
  14. Here's one picture but I should have some close ups if you give me some time to look in my files as the boat is in the water.
  15. Ed, I have a '00 262 with the Garmin dual frequency transducer mounted on the transom for 8 seasons with no problems. The unit holds bottom up to max speed. Just make sure you follow the transducer install measurements exactly and prop turbulance shouldn't be an issue. Good luck! Ray
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