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  1. I chased this for years on my 2000 262cr... finally figured it out after a heavy day of wakeboarding and hard turns to stbd. This water was coming in through the thruhull; specifically the bilge pump line [it also backs up in the shower sump]. I installed check valves in the lines and have had zero water since even after heavy rains, etc... A dry bilge for the first time in 5 years!
  2. --- Did you ever figure this out? My transducer died and I'm not sure I want to replace it or go with a transom mounted version. thx, pb
  3. Does anyone have the specs for the cockpit icebox for a 2000 262 cruiser. This is the one installed underneath the wetbar. The plastic frame broke and the door fell off... looks terrible now. I'd like to either replace the whole unit or convert it into a storage locker... however it depends on the price to replace and availablility. thx, pb
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