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  1. Have an 03 200LS Montura with the Merc 5.0MPI. Last season the tach was acting up - needle would jump around. This year, the needle won't move at all - sits on about 800rpm all the time. This one has the built in digital hourmeter and it seems to be working fine. Crawled up under the dash and check the connections - everything felt tight and didn't see any loose wires. Anyone know if there's a fuse anywhere (maybe inline)? Any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks
  2. PB - I did not get around to replacing the transducer before the boat went in the water, but I did look at this real hard - access is very tight. Spoke with the local dealer's service manager and he recommended that they do this as the old unit was probably installed with epoxy (3M5200?) and would have to be broken out which might cause some damage to the gelcoat which would then need to be repaired. I tend to agree this is not a DIY project and may let the dealer do this when I take the boat in for the end of year servicing. WJ
  3. Tach on my 03 200LS has been acting screwey - when I'm on plane it should be somewhere between 3000 and 3300 rmp and it shows about 2800rmp - when I tap it, it reads 4000 (or higher). It's a Faria - is it covered by a "lifetime warranty"? Will (or should) my dealer replace it at n/c or do I need to contact Faria direct?
  4. Haven't installed this yet - waiting for a break in the weather. Initial plans are to hard wire to the fuse block under the dash.
  5. I recently purchased a Garmin 535s (the "s" includes the depth sounder). Comes with preloaded inland lakes/rivers - other models come with different preloaded charts and you can add others with the purchase of "plug in chips". If you want a larger size screen and have the space on your dash, the Garmin 4208 looks interesting. Raymarine is supposed to make some very good units - not sure about smaller display sizes, and they are "pricey" (at least for me). Both Garmin and Raymarine have pretty good websites where you can compare the different models. Prices vary,so it pays to shop around.
  6. The "fixed" system you have may be enough to satisfy the MINIMUM requirements. I have a fixed system, but installed a B1, type ABC, at the helm where I can easily get to it - not all fires are in the engine compartment, plus you might need to help out a fellow boater who has a fire on board.
  7. Have got some "nicks" on the edge of one of the side decals - any suggestions on patching, repairing, or a source for replacement decals? Boat is a 2003 200 LS - hull is black, decal is white.
  8. On my 5.0 MPI, there is an oil drain hose. With the boat on the trailer, this can be run through the garboard drain plug hole, remove the drain hose plug and let the oil drain into a suitable container. Years ago I had a cruiser (no trailer) and use a pump that attached to a drill - somehow it was always a messy job.
  9. I have a 2003 200 LS that came with a built in depth gauge and a thru hull transducer. I am planning on installing a Garmin 535s along with a new brass transducer that gives temp in addition to depth/contour. Rather than boring another hole in the hull, I would like to remove the old transducer and install the new one in the existing hole. Anyone ever done anything similar to this? Any suggestions, tricks, or "gotcha's" I should be aware of? Thanks
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