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  1. Can someone tell me where the fuses (fuse box) is located on a 2002 262, 5.7 Volvo Penta Gi I have looked high and low I do not see it in manual either?
  2. thanks for the info, It took a few stores but I found one, I will have a cold one for you
  3. The engine is Volvo Penta 5.7 Gi w/duoprops (I should have included that)
  4. Does anyone know size and make of "removable" cooler that fits back by transom door? Maybe an Igloo 25 or 32 quart? Thanks in advance...
  5. I have a 2002 262, I have an F4 now and was wondering if others have the same prop, I only get a max 4300 rpms under perfect conditions and very little weight in boat, plus I am slow to plane, seems like I am "over-propped"...I am considering moving down to F2 or F3 (or the aluminum version which is D3 or D2), any comments are appreciated.
  6. Thank you for the reply, I went out Saturday and in good conditions I was able to get 4500 rpms but no more, I hit the wall at 4500, do you think I am where I should be, I would have liked to have been able to get to 4800 or 4900...
  7. Does anyone know how I can put a lock on the cabin door of a 2002 262, I guess it was an option because I have latch but no lock?
  8. I have a 2002 262 CR that I just purchased with a 5.7 VP Gi, Duoprop, can someone tell me what my high RPM should be, is it 4500 or 5000, I have only been up to 4200 so far and have not pushed it to full throttle (I have manuals on the way).
  9. Can someone tell me where the fuses are for 262-2002, I did not see this in manual at first look... (new owner)
  10. I recently purchased a 2002 262 and I am just getting used to it (coming from 18' center console), lots of fun, love the room... My question is on the prop and rpms. I don't think my prop is stock, it is possible someone switched props on me while boat was in storage before I bought it...can someone tell me if I can check for prop size if my rpm's are reading but my speedo is not? So far I have only been up to 4300 RPMs 2002 262, 5.7 Volvo Penta Gi, Duo prop Southern California
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