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  1. Whats the size/model of the Trim Tabs on a 1999 262cr?
  2. I have a 1999 262cr with a merc 7.4 mpi engine pushing a Bravo III. Does this engine have a fuel filter, and if so: where did they hide it?
  3. Its on my list of upgrades. LENCO makes a retrofit kit for the Bennett tabs that utilizes the existing holes for the actuators. With the electric actuators, you can use one there nice indicating switches (it also provides and auto retract feature!) Looks fairly straight forward. http://www.lencomarine.com/bennettretrofit.html. If you try, it let us know!!!
  4. How thick is the transom of my 1999 262CR? I need to know I can buy a long enough drill bit. I am adding a pair of amphibian A6 underwater lights and they call for a 5/16" hole for the wire.
  5. I had the same problem a few years ago. I would up putting some stainless round headed cap screws through it to hold the parts together.
  6. I installed one a few years back on my 262CR. There is not a lot of room in the anchor locker for the fall, and I had to limit the length of my rode. You sometimes have to pause and reach in and push the line around if it piles up too high (it hangs up in a bump in the locker). I strongly recommend adding foot switches or as I did a hand controller at the bow. Install the windlass as far back in the anchor access area as possible. Its finicky to use, but it beats hauling up the hook by hand! Send me your email and I will send you pics and more info.
  7. Greatlakesboattop.com makes all the rest of the canvas, try them. Good luck!
  8. I am interested in installing LED underwater lights at the stern of my 262CR. I have to fine ones that will light up past the swim platform. Has anyone done this? If so, how were your results?
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