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  1. I had same issue a few years ago when running at slow speed for about 1 hr. as you did. I have a Volvo 8.1 OSI-J engine. Mechanic told me the water intake may have been partially blocked, but the temp. gauge read normal. Next day the Mechanic hooked up a diagnostic computer and got an error code for the Throttle Control. Was running fine at this point, so I held off on the $300 part and it's been running fine ever since.
  2. probably the sending unit- easy, inexpensive fix if you can access it easily. usually right at the top of the fuel tank
  3. I have a 2009 280 SCR and I am considering adding a Mist-er-Comfort misting system under the hardtop. I believe my fresh water system pipe is PEX, but can you tell me if the pipe is 15MM or 1/2" PEX? Thank You!
  4. Battery switches do not need to be on for the battery charger to charge them. Check the AC Electrical panel in the cabin and make sure the battery charger switch is on
  5. Garmin units are by far the most user friendly. Easy to use and if you have an iPad you can create routes on it With the Garmin Blue Chart app and then transfer them to your GPS plotter. The 741 is a good suggestion
  6. I have a 2009 280 SCR and had the same issue. I discovered the CO detectors have approximately a 5 year life. After 5 years they will begin beeping intermittently & then on a more consistent level. They need to be replaced. They are readily available from iboats.com and Defender Marine.
  7. I would like to replace the galvanized steel "Delta" style anchor on my 2009 280SCR with a Stainless Steel model. What brand/weight do you recommend? I have an electric windlass. Thank you!
  8. I replaced the vinyl boot stripes on my 2009 280 SCR when I purchased it last year. Bought the boot stripes from http://www.vinylstriping.com. I sent them pics of the old (torn) stripes along with measurements and they matched them up to what they had on hand. They were a pleasure to work with and it came out just like the original stripes.
  9. thanks for you responses. Found my portlights on the Pompanette website. Contacted them and they told me I had to replace the entire portlight. This will be a winter project.
  10. For MOST: please provide the model number of the Bowmar portlight in the head of my 2009 280 SCR. I need to replace the frosted, smoked lens and hinge on the inside. Thank you!
  11. Where can I purchase custom-fitted sheets and blankets for the V-Berth and aft cabin of my 2009 280 SCR?
  12. Well it's now 2013 and the "SureHold Plastic Surgery" adhesive is still holding up. Best $3 I've ever spent!
  13. Would you please provide the Manufacturer (Bomar?) and part number for the Porthole replacement screen on a 2005 Montura 248LSC? If you do not have the part number for the screen only, please provide the p/n for the entire unit. The portholde unit shape is elliptical, the inside of the porthole is white and the outside is stainless steel. Thank you!
  14. For "MOST"- I have a 2005 248LSC. I need to replace the horns and the gasket below the stainless steel grill. There are 2 horns mounted below: Both are labeled "AM80 FIAMM." One is also labeled "H" (I guess for high pitch) and the other is labeled "L" (for low pitch?). I have attached a pic. Can you suggest a source for me? thank you!
  15. Thank you "MOST"- I just noticed a crack in my dash panel. I guess Dino makes this item as well? will you please provide a replacement part number for the dash (pic attached)
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