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  1. On my 242, I use a 1200W Xantrex inverter to run a Mermaid 5,000 BTU A/C while under way and for short periods of time (about an hour) while docking for lunch. I have never tried it overnight, but I recall the Mermaid factory saying that you need about 400 amp hours of battery power. Their website is www.mmair.com
  2. Thanks, I did not notice the top two screws. Hope this fixes the leak.
  3. Could you post a picture or a sketch of these doglegs so I can find them on my 242? Also, I could not find the given part number for the portholes on their website. Could you post a link to it?
  4. has not set their status

  5. Thanks for the response. I will get some and re-seal the hatch soon. Do you remember what thickness of tape you used?
  6. Trailer Boats magazine has a story about using "Butyl Rubber Tape" to seal deck hardware. Could this be used to seal the round Bomar hatch on my 2001 242? I have been using 5200 but it seems to pop loose in places after a while. I remenber reading somewhere a while ago that you could also use "saturated foam tape", but i could never find any locally.
  7. Thanks for the quick help! I will try to locate one.
  8. I need to order a replacement portlight window for my 2001 242 cruiser. Do you have a part number available? A recommended source would be helpful as well. Thanks
  9. A dealer not happy getting only $300.00 for a single engine oil change? Did they do other work also? Looking front to back, the oil filter on my 5.0 is located on the upper right side of the motor (port side of boat). I use a pump to vacuum the oil out through the dipstick tube.
  10. I'll try again to post a picture. and again...
  11. Central Florida, first time trying to post a picture.
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