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  1. Did more independent research and was able to find the orginal mount. In case anyone else needs this information, the table mount was made by Springfield Marine. This mount is still in production and is part of their "2-3/8" Stowable" line. The base itself is called a "2-3/8″ Stowable Table Base" and the model number is: 1660017
  2. Yes there was an option as I have this on my 2002 322. It came with a larger table, an extra short pole and a filler cushion. No idea if available any longer.
  3. Help please - I have no local Monterey dealership to go to for part information. I have the over-sized table that lowers and converts into the sunpad. There is a mounting plate attached to the tabletop itself, two support poles (long and short) and a flush mount plate attached to the cockpit floor. I am specifically hoping to replace the flush mount plate attached to the cockpit floor as it has fatigued over the years and the table wobbles quite a bit. Could someone please provide a manufactuer name and part number(s) for the cockpit table mounting hardware. If the specific part is no longer available, is there a suitable replacement for either just the deck plate or the the entire mount?
  4. Dear MOST - Would it be possible for you to please direct me to the transport company that you regularly use. We are looking at taking an extended cruise this summer and rather than make a round trip journey are considering having the boat shipped in 1 direction and then sailing her home. I thought it may be easier to work with a shipping company that is already familiar with the boat, it's specific dimensions and any other special shipping concerns. Thank you.
  5. We have a 2003 322. There was an option in 2003 to upgrade the table to a "full" sunpad. What you got with this option was a larger table (the same size as the opening in the U seating as well as a filler pad that goes over the table. Although we hardly if ever use the padded cushions, the larger table is wonderful. I would check with Monterey to see if this is something you could simply order.
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