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  1. Me again... I am changing the ice maker to a fridge. Has anyone done this and if yes, what fridge did you use or recommend? Thanks! Frenchie
  2. Thanks Ian, You are right, for Empty Nesters, the 33 is superb. I agree the open layout is superior to most cruisers that size. Also at the Toronto Boat Show, we saw the new type of teak. They had a 1998 30 footer all done up and it looks very good. We are considering doing it to our 322. www.nuteak.com for more information. Question is do you know anyone that has done it and if yes, do you know if they are happy with the results? Cheers! Dan
  3. I have a 2004 model 322. What did it for us was the layout of the aft cabin. We have 2 boys and the 322 is by far the best layout I have seen for families in that size. I did see the 320 and 340 this weekend at the Toronto Boat Show but, to me despite some great innovations, the 322 offers better value (My personal opinion). The one that turned me on huge is the new 40 footer...unbelievable! Also, I need help on something, we don't like the table in the back. We find it too small to eat. Any idea where we could find a slightly bigger one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Frenchie
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