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  1. It's exactly what you think it is. The whole area is described as "Wet Bar w/sink, Faucet, Ice Compartment & Storage" in the 2007 Brochure. My 2006 doesn't have the hard surface on the lid. That's good for a cutting board I would think. A little brie and crackers anyone?
  2. I assume you are talking about the cockpit area and not the cabin area? I ordered carpet for my 2006 250CR cockpit area from my Monterey dealer. It is lay-down not snap-in and we have been very, very happy with it. It does not easily show dirt, it's easy to clean, and is much kinder to our bare feet in the sun.
  3. My simple solution was to turn off shore power when I wanted to listen to the AM radio. I used this solution all summer. Then I found another solution. The factory installed radio is a Kenwood KTS-300MR with a SIR-KEN1 Sirius Radio tuner. This radio is also HD-Ready, so I purchased a KTC-HR200 HD radio tuner that daisy-chains off the SIR-KEN1. That got rid of the AM noise on the stations in Chicago that broadcast HD radio and improved the quality of the sound on FM HD stations. But I learned much more! In the process of installing the HD Radio, I discovered that the antenna for my radio is a simple wire about 4' long. It is shielded for about the first two feet and then the last 2' is split into two thin wires that can be spread like a simple indoor "T" FM antenna. All of this was just stuffed behind the radio with all the wires for the cabin's power and switches. All I had to do was move that antenna away from that area and most of the noise went away on analog AM radio. It was easy to tuck it behind the galley cabinets. Hope this information helps others.
  4. I have a 2006 250CR. When attached to the shore power, I cannot use AM Radio because of the noise/interference. I assume this is because the radio is installed right next to the power panel. Does anyone know of a technique to shield the radio and/or antenna from this interference?
  5. rahchgo

    Boat Names

    Our Monterey 250CR is a 2006. We named her "Hazy Day". Hazy was my mother's nickname. We are in Burnham Harbor in Chicago.
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