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  1. Howdy folks, I was wondering if we have or would anyone me interested in supporting or starting some Monterey Boats clubs. I have learned that when you buy a new Grady White boat, the selling dealer or even corporate informs the new owner of the Grady Boat club in their area. I recently joined the club near us and what a bunch of fun folks and they all have knowledge of their boats so they help each other and also do alot of cruising and social getogethers. So I was wondering if there are Montery clubs out there and if not maybe we can start some and that way owners within cruising distance to each other can share in some social get togethers as well as helping each other. We are in Charlotte Harbor, FL and would be willing to help get a group together here in the South West Florida Gulf Coast area. Anyone? Chris
  2. Thanks for the info as it will be most helpful. My current issues include finding replacement latches, accent lighting fixture for the florescent fixtures around the v-berth and the cup holders with the center drain in them so I can replace the old ones. Has anyone on the forum come up with an alternate use for the space where the coffee pot is located?
  3. Hello everyone, We just purchased a 1995 276 and its in need of some TLC and some replacement items and I'm hoping that the mass of experience here will be able to help us. The boat's generator is missing and I'm wondering what the original equipment consisted of and what everyone is currently doing for replacement units. Also, the camper top and hardware is missing and we'd like to get a new camper cover made but we really do not know how much is missing or needed. Currently, it has a cockpit Bimini, approx 3 pieces of old yellowed izing glass, and a cockpit type cover that snaps on at the windshield and goes around the edges of the boat with tent pole in the center to stop pooling water. And finally, what gps units will fit into the factory bezel to the left of the helm? although that seems awkward to see its better than the small unit currently screwed to the top of the dash that I can't read due to sun glare. What radar setup original came with these boats of this year and where would it have been mounted. I want to try ans bring it back to original configurations. Thanks in advance for your patience and assistance we look forward to enjoying our 276!!! Thanks Chris
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