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  1. To all, I am looking for a factory cushion that attaches to the captains bench/ helm on my 262 cruiser. Attached here is a picture of the exact cushion I am looking for. I would like to lean back and still have a view while driving. If you know who I can contact for this cushion, please share! Thank you in advance! DJODOIN
  2. To all... I am looking to replace the entire Bimini cover, glass windows and camper cover on my 98 262 cruiser. It is green and color, and I would like to switch the color to blue. Do you know the part #'s/ model #'s by any chance? I would like to call Taylor Made tomorrow. Many thanks!
  3. We just reupholstered our 262 cruiser. The fabric from 1998 is clearly out of style. We purchased new new fabric from a local fabric mill, removed all of the seats, curtains and other small upholstered items... and brought them to a local seamstress. The boat looks INCREDIBLE and completely updated. When I removed each piece in the cabin, I would be sure to put those screws and washes in a baggie and labeled the bag so there was no confusion. Total damage..... $500. Well worth it.
  4. Hi Randy. I have a 1998 262 Cruiser. Similar to your boat. The part number for my portlight is G616-28SF and is distributed by Bomar (www.pompanette.com or 603-826-5791. Hope this helps!
  5. To all. I just purchased a brand new ice box directly from the original manufacturer. Form Co Inc. of Elkhart, IN. The original part # is BOX-WHT-1B35620RF2, ICEBOX W/FOAM BR FRM. The website is: http://formcoinc.com I just received my new ice box. It looks GREAT!! They were very helpful over the phone. They actually manufacture them to order. The total cost with shipping was approximately $160. Very reasonable to make my 262 Cruiser look aesthetically pleasing again. Hope this helps.
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