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  1. 15 February 2017 I own a 2002, 322 Cruiser. The vacuum motor would not stop pumping and no vacuum build up with water in bowl. I could not find a switch that would could turn it off. I found the circuit breaker in the cockpit next to the battery switches on the port side and finally disconnected one side termianl. That stopped the pump. I understand the system and what the potential issues could be. What I do not know is how to access the pump, the reservoir, duck bills and everything else related to the system. Everything is located on the port side behind the panel and a small closet located aft. Before I begin exploring does anyone know for sure how to access the system or have diagrams? Thanks,
  2. I would suggest you look into "Sea Dek". (seadek.com) I have switched to this product and have had it installed for two years now. Awesome!
  3. I found the circuit breaker for the pump. It is adjacent to the battery switches in the cockpit on my vessel. No switch, so I disconnected the wires from the circuit breaker and this shut off pump. Now.............Has anyone actually found the location of the pump on the Monterey cruisers. Do I need to remove the closet, the wall or what?. Thanks,
  4. I own a 2002 -322 Cruiser. Vacu Flush tends to run continuously sometimes. I cannot locate a fuse or breaker anywhere. The circuit breaker panel DOES NOT have a breaker like the manual shows. I have searched the wiring diagrams and the boat trying to trace the wiring and cannot seem to find the breaker. Anybody have any suggestions? thanks,
  5. Have you found the pump? My 2002 model has the same issue. I have been told it is behind the closet next to the head.
  6. I own a 2002 , 322 cruiser and experienced the same issue with the windshield screw cover. I measured the channel width and then relied on the internet to locate a molding that works. Look up Sea Ray and Bayliner windshield screw cover molding, I believe the channel is 1 " wide, but you will need to measure. Looks great after replaced! Good luck
  7. I would like to ask a question of MOST but cannot start any new threads?

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