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  1. I am looking for the windshield surround foam trim used to cover the mounting screws for the windshield frame. TaylorMade tells me the original part is no longer produced and they need the part number of the windshield frame assembly so that they can cross reference to the replacement trim product. Also do you have the part numbers for all of the canvass for the 322 specifically the poles / supports and canvass for the camper option.
  2. I'm looking for the cupholders that mount on the bow / sundeck for the 322CR. I've contacted several dealers but not one wants to help. I've had similar issues with the galley cabinet latches, however now I just use duck tape, downfall is I have to replace every 100 uses or 100 days whichever occurs first. Any help is appreciated as my wife won't let me up grade to a new boat until the economy picks up, which doesn't look likely in the near future. Happy Boating, TBone Tom 2002 322CR ABANDITSHIP
  3. On my 2002 322CR the Gen is right in front of the engines up against the bulk head, could not comment on the pre-wired aspect. Tbone Tom
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