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  1. We are new owners of a 95 256 CR and I found the sea cock and placed it in the upright position to allow water to be pumped into the toilet, after a few minutes of priming I was able to get water return on a few pumps, then nothing at all. Could something be clogged? Any suggestions on what to try next?
  2. Is there any difference between the exterior of the 1995 256 Cruiser and the 1996 256 Cruiser? Our bimini rails were bent because of snow last winter. Someone then stole the rails and we have no way of knowing the measurements. All of the bimini and rail companies we have contacted have told us they can't replace the rails and that we have to get all new canvas and rails. We have found a company that has OEM bimini rails for the 1996 256 Cruiser. They also told us that we had to get new rails AND canvas. If there is not a difference, then we can just order the 1996 rails with hope that it fits.
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