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  1. I noticed last week that while on the boat the head handle is extremely difficult to pull up and push down. For the most part, I can get it to flush into the holding tank, but I cannot pull any water to the toilet. This design doesnt seem that technical so I am wondering if there is a shutoff valve or something like that that may be in the off position. Is anyone familiar if such a thing exists? Last week was the first I used the head and this is my first year with the boat. I looked on Youtube and videos of these types of heads make it so the handle should be rather simple to push and pull. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. New to being a boat owner, but we will be slipped in a Marina located on the Calumet River so that we may frequently visit Lake Michigan and cruise along the Chicago skyline. Hope to meet some of you all!
  3. I have a family of 5 and my wife is from Mexico. Being said, we named our 1997 262 Cruiser "Cinco Locos" which means "5 Crazies" in Spanish. Figured it would fit well with our behavior.
  4. White Lithium Grease from Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards does the trick nicely. Do not buy the aerosol spray, but the tube. After you apply, this stuff sticks and lubes everything it contacts.....whats also nice is that it stays in the tracks for a good length of time. I started with WD-40 and Graphite Spray but was constantly reapplying after just a few weeks. Twice a season is how frequent I would apply the white lithium grease. With it being white too, you dont really notice it in the tracks, thus your tracks dont look dirty all the time.
  5. Tim, I know by now you are likely well past this problem, but I had a question for you as I cannot get power to my radio. I know the stereo has a fuse behind the unit, but I cannot seem to locate a fuse panel either. Do they exist on Monterey boats? If you found where yours is at, can you share? Thanks.
  6. Im changing the stereo in my 1997 262 Cruiser with a CD Player/MP3 unit. The current unit is a Jensen Casette Player and the knobs are old, cracked, and dirty. When I disconnected the Casette player unit, I noticed that there was 2 separate connectors....one a rectangular black connector and a white square connector plugged into the back. When I went to install the new CD Player, I wired the cables coming from the black connector to the CD Player as all the wires matched the new unit. After I completed the connection, I noticed that by running on AC power or DC power, I cannot get the unit to power up. I did not do anything with the white connector, but I am wondering if this connector is needed to be tied into the other wires in order for power to be provided to the unit. I checked the wiring schematics and I am confused as the wires shown match what I have already wired up to. Not sure if anyone on this forum has completed this type of change-out and knows the way to get this powered.
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