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  1. I know what your up against here. Props are pretty expensive, and they are the most important performance decision you can make for your boat. Its always nice to get plenty of input before you make your decision. I have ran 4 blade props in the past on outboard applications. If I remember correctly they grip hard out of the hole. I don't remember them costing much top end speed but from what I'm reading they can slow you down 2 or 3 mph. I've never been big on top end speed. Around here the fast fishing boats can easily go 70 to 80 mph. Racing bowrides is like two bald guys fighting over a hair comb..... who cares:) (Mike Myers). I came up with the pitch numbers by simply plugging your boat specs into the prop calculators which I just did again and got the same result. But if your running a 21 pitch now I'd say Rip5 is right. A 21ss is going to be better on both ends. And yes If you buy a prop at a respectable prop shop they will let you bring it back and try another. Sorry if you don't have any prop shops available to you. Never been to Sweden. Damned sure never shopped for props in Sweden. But I'm a big fan of the bikini team!
  2. Just got into a 2008 254fsx. Didn't come with the center bow cushion. Not sure how much we will use it but would like to have one on hand. Anybody have one they would be willing to part with?
  3. I still have that new member smell, but certainly not new to boating. There are prop calculators online to help with your decision. I think that a three blade 17 or 19 is prob what a guy would want to look into. Either way your prob going to notice a big improvement going with stainless over the alum prop. I liken it to running on a flat tire or not. I think if you go to a prop shop they will let you try them out.
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