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  1. I have a 204 FS with a 4.3 MPI Alpha engine. I would love some advice on adding engine space insulation and quieting the boat which is noisy at cruise speed so that conversation is challenged and very noisy at high speed, particularly for back seat passengers. A bit less so without the bimini up. Is a through the hull muffler modification a possibility and or just adding sound proofing? Love this boat otherwise I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks PG
  2. Does anyone have experience mounting fishing rod holders on a 204FS - the gunnels are narrow towards the stern and more standard Perko like holders appear too big Thanks peter
  3. Hello all and particularly Monterey owners who are fisherman. Has anyone mounted fishing rod holders on a 204 FS? The rear gunwale rail is narrow and and flares slightly and may not take a chrome Perko or similar unit. Possibly a side mount on the inside might work? These boats have such nice finish and hardware - I'd prefer to stay with a chrome unit Thanks Peter
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