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  1. I have an 06 248LS and I bought the Kuuma grill (Very similar) and the pedestal mount and mounted it on the swim platform. Had to drill holes in the platform but this way I can stand and grill and the grease drips are easier to clean off. Also out of the way of my family and kids as I mounted it on the opposite side of the ladder.
  2. Is it the Kenwood radio? I have had several Sirius tuners and most units you just tune to 0. I had the same issue you had however when I tried to activate my radio. If it is reading please call then you have a tunner. I am sorry to say I cant remember exactly what I did to make it work but it was in the settings of the radio. Press menu or setup or something like that and there was a selection to view ESN number. It is kind of a pain since it scrolls but check it twice and you should be all set.
  3. I know this is a very old thread but I am curious about this as well. I have an 06 248 LS and would love to connect the iPod. I googled the Multi pin to iPod adaptor. Does this work? Can you have both Sirius and iPod? I have the Kenwood in the head with the remote just left of the wheel. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Hello All. I have a 2006 248LS. This is my second summer with it and I am wondering what others do to clean / detail a boat when it is wet slipped. I dont own a trailer so I cant pull it out. Do you use the spray cleaner / wax? Do you jump in and scrub the outside or dont worry about the outside? I do a full detail at the begining of each year and try to keep up with it but it is a struggle. What do you do?
  5. I have a differnt boat but I just went with a Kuuma grill and a pedestal mount on my swim platform. Used it 3 times now and it's great. All of the smaller grills take time to get hot but overall it works well. I just could not bring myself to spend as much for a small boat grill as I did fo my Weber at home! But I do hear they are real nice!
  6. Sea Foam is great stuff. I personally think it works much better then Sea Foam and you can use it in anyting (Gas, Oil, Diesel) With the price of gas now I stretch my tank out as far as I can and spend a lot more time in coves so I dump a can of Sea Foam in with each fill up. Nothing wrong with Stabil either I just prefer Sea Foam.
  7. Do you have any pictures you could post? Anyone ever install this while the boat is in the water? We are wet slipped and although I coud pull it out it is a bit of a pain right now. WOuld love to see some more pictures? Also, how easy do you think this would be to cut? I want to install a grill on the swim platform and would have to cut a circle in the pad. Thanks!
  8. Hello All, We live in Pennsylvania and do all of our boating in mountain lakes and rivers. We have an 06 248LS. We love the lake where our boat is wetslipped however we would like to set up a vacation to Florida and bring our boat along (although with gas prices these days it might make more sense to just rent a boat). Assuming we trailer the boat down I would love to hear some opinions on where we could go to take the family on a great vacation filled with boating and snorkling etc that is not too dangerous for us having no ocean boating experience. I read on here of people boating from Miami to the key's. What do you think would be a good idea keeping in mind that we would need a place to launch etc. Ideally we would be boating in a nice area with good snorkling but without much danger and we would probably just stay at a hotel or hotels since our boat is a bowrider. Please share your thoughts. Thanks
  9. This thread really vaught my attention. I have a 2006 248LS and apparently they make a pad for my boat. Does anyone have long term experience with these? How do they hold up being exposed to the elements every day? Any other feedback on these? Has anyone found a spot on their website to see color samples? Thanks again!
  10. Hello all, This year we purchased a used 2006 248LS. So far we love the boat. I have a travel trailer so I am familiar with black tanks but never owned a boat with a head. We have been putting the chemicals down each weekend we use it. My issue is regardless of the chemicals it is really starting to stink when we flush. The lake we boat has a few marinas with pump out stations but I almost feel like it needs to be cleaned out. How would I go about doing this? What do you all do to keep your head from smelling? Also, I feel like the fresh water tank needs flushing as the fresh water has a stink to it. In the camper I would just have a valve to easily drain the tanks but I can't imagine sitting there pumping over and over while we are getting the tanks emptied. Any tricks? Thanks for the help!
  11. I would like to refresh this thread regarding a 2006 248LS. Where can I get a price for the deck cushion? Thanks!
  12. How did you make out with this? i would love to do something similar in my 248LS. Post pics if you have them. Thanks
  13. Hello All, I am new to this forum as we just picked up a 2006 248LS and love it. We were very close to buying a pontoon but just fell in love with this. In looking at pontoon boats I loved the fact that you can get a gas grill that mounts to the rails. Has anyone done this with a Monterey bowrider? I would love to see some pictures or suggestions. Thanks everyone and I look forward to being a long time member of the happy Monterey owners!
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