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    Since these cooler kinda stink, has anyone retrofitted or used another cooler in it's place?
  2. You can order a new icebox straight from formco inc or where I got mine was, on usggestion of formco because it was cheaper, http://www.vintagetrailersupply.com/Ice-Box-Small-p/vts-712.htm Its the exact model.
  3. Looking to call bomar for some screens. I want to verify that the portholes are PORT-G618-28-1-WHT, so I can get the proper screens. I am on my second order with them all with the wrong screen.
  4. Had a buddy make mine out of stainless. Monterey doesnt stock these anymore.
  5. Hust wanted to share I also just ordered this from https://www.vintagetrailersupply.com/ 156 w/ shipping. Fomcoinc actually sent me to them as it was 5 dollars cheaper.
  6. Recently purchased a used boat and it appears I am missing the white plastic dual cup holder on the dashboard that appears to screw in with 4 screws. Any idea of manufacture?
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