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  1. I am going to mount a bowthruster on my CR 282, now it seems like th area in the hull at the bow is completely filled with som e kind of "polyester concret", not foam. have never seen this on a boat before!, anyone nows why and if its common on Monterey boats to do like this - normally areas like this is only filled with air or maybe some foam on older boats. to mount a bowthruster seems to be inpossible or required way to much work to get threw this hard material......
  2. I have removed both my engines twice - 2004 282 CR, mercruiser 5.0 Mpi. it´s a major job and a lot of things needs to be removed........ generator, waterheater, floor in compartment at the stern, bracket to switches on exhaust.... then you can use the chains buti strongly rekommend at lift beam or heavy duty crane.
  3. Hi! Just bought a 282 cr 2004, how do you remove the dinette table in the cabin?? I guess it´s really simple just "lift it off". but i cant no matter how i try. the legs says "press and release" howewer i just pulled straight upp and they followed, that was the easy part... but the brackets mounted on the wall?? is there any tricks Before i start to use more violence . pretty embarrasing question but my temper starts to rise above healthy level soon...
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