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  1. My boat goes into wintersleep in october- i will do my survey starting from there. I will keep you posted. Best Regards,
  2. Dear Marfi, I already did a thorough search with the type of companies you mentioned. For the moment No one can deliver the quality that i need. I will contact the companies that were mentioned in an earlier reply from Rip 5. Many thx for your input.
  3. Thank you very much for the info - i have a very good relations with my local Monterey dealer Poly-al boats. They already contacted Monterey Boats - but they do not make replace mats.
  4. Hi, I am the owner of a 2006 Monterey 375 sports cruiser . I would like to order a new set of the original cockpit boat carpets ( the current carpets are marked as 350 type) can somebody help me ? Best regards
  5. Hi, I recently became owner of a superb 350Sy engine hours 385 Starbord engine cannot start anymore, control panel does not get activated. Port engine no problem Batteries/ ignition contact etc are okay can somebody help Filip
  6. Hi, I just purchased a 1999 Monterey 262 cruiser. It would be very helpfull to have an owners manual and if possible a brochure. Are there any Monterey enthusiastic who still have this documents?
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