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  1. I have the original table and stand I can send u the dimensions if you need them. It's a pretty generic table, should be able to find it online relatively inexpensive. Just make sure the new pole matches your floor mount.
  2. Ok, short version, went for a ride in a mint 2000 322, was blown away by the speed and handling. Sold my 40 mainship and purchased it. Here is the question, this thing has 7.4 volvo's with duo prop drives, I've owned several cruisers but never one with dual props. Trying to figure out a healthy and economical cruising rpm for this set up. On a test run, trimmed and tabbed with full water and fuel and full canvas up, 3 passengers 3300rpm is 35mph. That's gps. Boats seems a little loose, more like a off shore and just wants to run instead of a nice comfortable cruiser. Forget the numbers north of 4400 rpm
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