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  1. Guess where we're at in our lives? Empty Nest - Lake Norman, NC
  2. I was on the Monterey web site and it looks like the cruisers listed are 2009 models now. No sign of the 270 (that's what I have), but the "280SCR" has the 29' OAL of the 270 but with a beam up by 8" to 9' 2". I like the looks of the galley with the stacked electronics. Not sure about the seating set-up on deck though with the folding back "sun island" at the stern. Also went to a fridge on deck instead of the cooler storage. I don't know...the cooler storage is really handy. I think I'd miss it while having to power up the fridge and wait for it to cool down.
  3. I just got my 270 a couple weeks ago, but I think the inverter is on the forward bulkhead in the engine compartment. I'll check tomorrow when I can get to the boat and make sure.
  4. Thank you for your replies. LMM: Good sugestion. I had poured water into the sump to test it and the pump did come on when the float switch was activated. Ian: If your dealer just removed the label I suppose I could manage to make that repair myself. Thanks.
  5. We just purchased our 3rd boat, a new '07 270SC. On the AC panel there's a sticker that says "Always run shower sump when operating air conditioning system." I know the shower sump is located under the steps leading to the cabin but I can't find a switch that would turn it on or off. Isn't it automatic? How do I make sure the shower sump is on so we can use the A/C? Any help would be appreciated.
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