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  1. To All: Very happy to join a group is 233 Explorer (or even similar models). I own a yellow 2005 233 that we purchased this spring. We live in western Michigan and spend our boating time on Lake Michigan. The boat has a V-P 5.7 with 320 HP. My main issue is I am missing the center rear seat cushion. I can not find a replacement. We are naming the boat "Good Day Sunshine" because it is yellow and it's always a good day out on the boat. Mike (mstrampel@comcast.net)
  2. I have a 2005 233 Explorer and I assumed that they would provide access to the seat mechanisms or possible allow for the seats to be removed and replaced. I purchased my 233 this spring and I would like to chat with other 233 owners. I wondered what your top speed and if you have a seat cushion over the engine hatch as well as a cushion in the center of the bow. I only have one in the bow.
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