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  1. Double that... always test electrical items under load to make absolutely certain you are within tolerances. Glad it appears you got it all squared away!
  2. Get a circuit tester and see what the voltage is reading at the pump first... report and we will go from there.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. Very helpful.
  4. How does everyone maintain their on-board water storage tank? What products are you all using to keep the bacteria under control? Does everyone use RV SFD water hoses to fill? Any other advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated... this is my first boat with water storage.
  5. No name for us on the boat... too small of a boat for a name IMO.
  6. We deleted the wet bar and went with the Volvo 350. I live in TX, so we went with seadeck throughout; everything else is just too hot on the feet here. We are big party cove partiers (hence the cuddy), so I got all of the stereo upgrades, and replaced the iCon 8s with Rev 10s on the tower and have built a custom box for my 12" Wetsounds sub. Went with the simple porta-pottie too. It's a great boat an handles like a caddy... you will be happy you got the trim tabs; definitely worth the $. We got ours early fall last year... we went out last Saturday and just passed 5hrs on the engine... LOL Probably going out tomorrow too; nothing like chilling in the cabin watching twighlight zone! Can't recommend domednumbers.com enough for your registration lettering... they have the Monterey Font and hundreds of color options.
  7. Well, I have a 278SSC... basically the same, but a little heavier in the front. Totally awesome is all I can say... tell me the options you got.
  8. We just got our 18 278SC and absolutely love it. Handles like a dream and the trim tabs make it feel like it's riding on shocks. Got the Volvo 350 for two reasons: a) 5yr warranty and b ) the easy drain system... which is totally awesome. I too, have owned many, many different boat brands and Monty quality is unmatched, with only very, very minor issues on delivery (minor rub rail failure around the aft curve). There's no perfect build. Gel coat quality is superior; company treats you like family (even received a surprise Christmas box full of goodies); and the factory tour is proof of their commitment to their customers. Will not be a bad choice to choose Monterey.
  9. Just picked up our 278 SSC yesterday... awesome boat, awesome build, awesome folks at Monterey... hope you went with the 350!
  10. 278SSC

    monterey font

    Oh, I forgot to add that they will do custom work as well... great folks to work with.
  11. 278SSC

    monterey font

    If anyone is still interested in matching their font, I use the folks at this link. Their product is awesome... never had a problem. Looks GREAT on your boat. https://www.domednumbers.com/online-store/Monterey-c22283119
  12. Go with the Volvo, not mercury. 5yr warranty closed loop cooling easy drain system better fuel consumption and many more reasons
  13. Spray date is 23OCT17. Leaving Malibu brand; first Monterey. Toured the factory and am very, very impressed with the build quality and QC program. Looking forward to meeting a new group of enthusiasts. MTF!
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