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  1. Does anyone have a good canvas guy I need a new top on my 302 CR?
  2. I am looking for Standard Horizon 175 C GPS and a Stand Horizon VHF manuals? Anybody have them they could email me or upload? Mike
  3. HI All Anybody got the news on some great marinas for the 2018 season?
  4. HI Group Just bought a 2001 Monterey 302CR. It's my first owned boat and am looking for any tips for parts or just in owning that boat that might help me down the line. Also need replacement ideas for a missing coffee maker and maybe replacement microwave. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike J.
  5. HI Dave I am assuming it's a holding tank for waste water. Some boats had holding tanks that would discharge to the open water. Do you have a Coffee Pot on your boat Mine is missing and am looking for a replacement. Mike
  6. What year is your 302. I just bought a 2001 302 ans am looking for an owners manual? Do you have one ? Mike
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