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  1. After working with pompenette, they have concluded what I’m looking for is pn GP907-39 at $75 each. It’s a G616 series portlight.
  2. I’d suggest getting the factory’s opinion on that one before undergoing major work, or at least a second opinion.
  3. For those of you with boats that came with the built in Mr. Coffee (mine is a 1999 276CR), did you keep it , replace it, or open it up as a storage cubby? Thanks, Rick.
  4. All four of my port lights in my new to me 1999 276 Cruiser need to be replaced for broken tabs, mostly on one of the dogging forks, generally resulting in leakage. The are elliptical, multi-finger hinge and three screw down dogs. They have stainless outer trim rings with screws. The Pompanette website doesn’t show anything that looks similar enough…at least in the elliptical. The ovals appear to be of similar design to what I described above. I’m hoping you can help, thanks in advance. Don’t mind the wiring….I’m having to correct and/or tidy up some sketchy (and some downright scary) PO work, in process. Rick
  5. I’m the new owner of a 1999 276 (7.4/B3), freshwater boat on Lake Erie. Mechanically good to very good, cosmetically meh. No really hard stuff to do, mostly cosmetics and some refresh work. I’m looking for an owners manual and wiring diagram for the boat, my google-fu has turned up very little. Thanks in advance. Rick
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