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  1. I took my tower off of my 238ss last season in order to fit it in my garage as well. Two people can do it. I cut the wire for the tower speakers and light, however isn't difficult to reconnect. The tower is awkward, and a bit heavy but it can be done. I put it back on by myself which I do not recommend. I scratched the paint on the outside of the boat unfortunately. I did get it back on though.
  2. Hi Rick & Everyone, I have a 2017 238ss...I too have a wet sounds factory upgrade system and I too cannot locate the Amp for the life of me!! I've checked everywhere! The only place I cannot get to is port side under/within the console, and there is at least one somewhat heavier gauge wire leading that way i believe. I'm in the process of taking the damn dash apart, except the windshield may need to come off in order to access all the screws. I have the medallion lcd screen starboard console which is not like a normal audio deck with pre-amp outputs, etc. I'm at a loss and want to add a subwoofer and Amp to my system. This is unreal, someone please help. Thanks, Chris
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