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  1. We have a 1998 276 and live in St Clair (up the river), but frequent the lake during the summer. Will see you at the moot maybe some weekend.
  2. I live on the St Clair river, and have a 1997 276 that I purchased last spring. Have made several modifications, and love the boat. Visit LSC quite a bit.
  3. I am installing a new swimplatform on my 1997 276 this spring. I woulk like to take advantage of the storage space behind the stern bench seat for my bumpers etc. I would like to install a access door on the back side of my boat that could be used from my new swim platform. The color of my hull is "pearl white" I have been told, which to me is a off white leaning toward very light tan (lay persons terms for color). The question is where do I find the color matched door to buy and install that would accomodate 10" bumpers? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi all in Great Lakes region. I just bought a 1998 276 and will be boating on the St Clair river and LSC this summer. I just sea trialed it and brought it home to St Clair Sunday. and so far it is all that I expected it to be. I am going to pull it out for a few weeks to do some improvements and then look forward to a great summer boating season.
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