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  1. Both of those companies do a really good Job. About 5 years ago I ordered a swim platform from http://www.swimplatforms.com/ for my 1995 Monterey 276. The installation was pretty straightforward. The installation is ROCK SOLID and even after 5 years there is no play whatsoever and it looks like Original Equipment. It added enough real estate to the existing platform that guest can just hang out there while kids can still get in and out of the water without having to climb each other. The additional weigh did change the handling characteristics a bit but nothing too noticeable. Great product! -pat
  2. Try Calling Greatlakes boattop co. They may have the template for that b oats mooring cover. good luck.
  3. Greetings all, I hope the boating season is going well for everyone. I'm looking to find the hydrualic support arm that supports the engine compartment cover on my 1995 monterey 276. I accidentally fell back on it while I was working in the engine compartment. I heard the gas escape from it and it no loger supports the hatch in the open position. Any help or direction would be greatly appriciated. thanks alot, Patrick Buchanan
  4. I had this problem last year but it did not matter what speed. My dealer replaced the impeller and it still overheated. After some searching they found small pebbles and vegetation inside the cooling system that had to be cleaned out. On my 2007 270 the thru hull fitting for the engine does not have any type of screen protecting it. I have called Monterey on it and asked what can be done but really did not get a good answer. I had asked about a sea strainer inline but the response was no due to water flow needed for the engine. I guess if I would have done it, it would of violated my engine warranty. Abbe Normal, Two years ago I restored a 1995 Monterey 276 that was in bad shape, after two replacing power (new 4.3s) and outdrives on my shakedown cruise the port side 4.3 (from that date known as the bad twin) started to overheat. During my investigation to the cause of the overheating on this brand new equipment I learned a few things, one of those might apply here: The pebbles inside the engine could have cause damage to the water pump and could cause insufficient cooling of the engine. Also check the thermostat to make sure that a pebble isn’t keeping the thermostat closed. I am curious though. I may be showing my ignorance here but why is your engine cooled with a water source the come in from a through hull? Finally the source of my own overheating was a defective impeller. The compound used to glue the impeller to the bearing was either misapplied or not there at all. It caused the impeller so work at low speeds (I assume because of friction) but that at high speeds the impeller would heat up and begin to slip so much that it did not move any water. Hope my armature information helps. -Pat Buchanan
  5. Yes, definately call Greatlakes boat top company, I ordered my top for my 1995 276 from them and they were excellent. Good company, great customer service, and the top fit perfectly. -pat
  6. I agree, It seems like somewhere there should be someone with a copy of this that can be converted into a PDF file. It would go a long way with the owners of these older boats if this could be done. It would sure help solidify some brand loyalty! -pat
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