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  1. kingdal

    Boat Names

    I heard it's bad luck to keep the old name when you buy an old boat. And yes you can't rename your boat after to name her. I'm still tring to find a name for my old boat.
  2. Need warmer weather. Can't boat in snow in March

  3. Need warmer weather. Can't boat in snow in March

  4. What boat do you got? Mine is a 95, 256 cruiser

    1. tonyfrg


      I just purchased a like new 2007 250CR with 48 hours!

  5. Have you check the load switch. To many amps will shut it off too. Check the Gen side too not just the engine side. Nice boat. Keep boating Eldon
  6. Con I wouldn't use an electric trailer winch on my boat if the ramps are steep. Make shore your bow can handle the weight of your boat at that grade. Could be bad if you pull the bolt out of you bow. The torq of your hand winch is less then an electric trailer winch. and may over pull. Eldon
  7. Looking for a good swim platfrom for my new 1995 monterey 256 cruiser. Any help would be great. Live on east coast.
  8. kingdal

    Boat Names

    This is great. Need more pics.
  9. Try to use 100% Synthetic oil only. Tne best for all engines. Do you have a engine flusher to clean out the salt water out?
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