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  1. Gflick 1, I just added the Swimplatform from swimplatforms.com to my 1999 242cr myself. What a difference. It fit great and is a great addition to the boat. And also is very solid. In fact I even unintentionally stress tested it on a peer piling while docking in some stiff winds and the platform never moved or showed signs of the bump. It just held tight like it was a solid piece of the boat. I was worried at first because it was ordered online but now I am very confident of the construction. A+++ in my book. Plus it looks great and has a a good tread surface that is easy to clean. FYREGUY
  2. I have a 1999 242 and we had the same problem. I flush about a cup of liquid deodorant specifically made for that problem, and it seems to have worked. It looks like the blue water on an airplane or in a Porta-potty.
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