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  1. I used their template kit and sent it to them for my 242 cruisrer. The price came back pretty steep around $400. I ended up going with Hydro-turf and cutting it myself for under $200. They put Hydro-Turf on most PWC.
  2. Had the same problem on my 242. the pump is under the oil pan. mine has a pump and a auto bilge switch next to it. the switch was just stuck on . I cleaned it out and it worked again.
  3. Can you tell me where to order the windshield supports posts with the rubbers tips for my 1998 242 cruiser. These are the 2 plastic posts the windshield rests on while opened for bow access. Thank you
  4. Installed a custom built swim step on my 242. Critical thing was to have the boat level front to back side to side.
  5. I ran an additional ac outlet and mounted it inside the closet. I ran the ac wire from the existing outlet and strapped it under the shelf that goes around the v berth to get it to the closet. can't see it at all. Make sure you use marine romex wire. Fiberglass fish tape will help on the wire run along the starboard side behind the head.
  6. I experimented with that location but found that it was a strain on the neck while laying down in the v berth and would be easy to kick the screen. When I drilled through the head wall I finished the nuts in the head with some white caps and you can hardly notice them. I drilled a hole in the top of the closet to run the wires. From the head you can fish the wires via the window opening and the toilet paper holder to the fuse location under the dashboard.
  7. To MOST. who manufactured the plastic storage pockets on the sides of the cockpit. I would like to replace one of them. Thank You!
  8. I have a 98, 242. I mounted a 19" lcd above the closet next to the head and drilled thru the wall and tightened the bolts inside the head. worked out perfect. As for the antenna I never really found a good way to mount it so I just stow it until i need it then set in up on the boat dash. I have the phillips panel antenna which works well.
  9. To Most, Can you tell me the width and length of the optional extended swim platform that was offered on the 242 cruiser.
  10. Can I get info on the swim platform shower that was installed on the 2002 242 cruiser? I would like to install one on my 98...
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