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  1. gloomy april ...cant wait to go boating

  2. has not set their status

  3. anybody who bought a scr280 got its manual yet ? I`ve been waiting !!!
  4. finally got boat scr280 `Suite Fifteen` in Huntsville Ont now but will be gently taken to Pickering Ont ...has merc 375 with DTS etc
  5. Here`s a pic of `Suite Fifteen` 375 hp, merc dts etc
  6. Finally got the boat and I put video up on U Tube ....previous version had over 800 views ...here is latest installment... search on U Tube for Monterey boats SCR280 2009
  7. for the Most....i was told by dealer that new manual is now being printed and that it should be here in pdf format soon?
  8. hi there ,I ordered a scr 280. to arrive in May 09 at Pickering ..and someone bought a 260 at Toronto show....interested in how you would install GPS....I bought a raymarine a65 and vhf 49 to install myself too...rgds Larry
  9. yes that`s what my dealer told me to do and few other old salts at the marine but cant find any volunteers to stand in boat for weeks time very scientific..
  10. hi John havent figured it out yet but I looked at some boat pics and might just have to do it myself as maybe noone at monterey can figure it out yet....i`m using interlux micron bottom coat 5-6 coats alternating colors and interlux micron csc 2-3 coats this is ablative type and surprise ! I got someone at Whity marine to do it for me spring 2009 ...rgds larry
  11. I`m trying to calculated where the water line is on this boat ....my marine friends say that i have to load the boat up and mark with crayon where the line is ....there has got to be a more scientific calculation like figuring out displacement etc ...maybe the `most` could get back to me thks
  12. sorry late to reply things changed a bit still bought scr280 (first boat) but fom huntsville marine instead, got merc 320 hp ..no sun platform cause of worry about grandson ,,,also expect to get boat spring 2009....rgds larry
  13. Larryd


    thks ! that`s a nice pic! ....I wont get mine till next spring....didnt get the sun island cause over saftey issues with 3 year old granson that might jump around while I`m moving ....took one for test drive with 320 hp penta got about 30mph @3300rpm....bought the merc 320 with bravo3 instead from Huntsville marine ....rgds
  14. Larryd


    my son made a video and uploaded high quality version of me playing in it ....search monterey boats and look for test ride 280scr ...my son added music not me ....rgds larry
  15. i picked the volvo 320 dp..... sun lounger etc all except nav package which I think is too much $ ..getting boat in spring guess I can say logged in 1hr on demo 280 at Don Hyde Marine ...see me on utube...seach monterey boats test ride 280scr
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