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  1. 2006 270CR "Knight Moves"
  2. Hope this works. It was not too bad to install. The biggest problem was the hole passing from the arch into the engine room was way small. If I had to do it again I would probably cut and access hole into the arch near the base. If you take your cupholders out of the side, routing wire to the dash is not bad. I tied one wire (#12) to the bus under the dash and use that to feed the power to the components (3206 module and depth sounder module). I reverse mounted them under the dash. Just make sure wherever you put it that the door will clear the modules and wires. Leave plenty of extra spare wire in the dash too in case anything goes wrong and you have to start over. I soddered all the wires together and then used heat shrink tubing for a watertight seal. Took a while to get used to with the small GPS wires, but not that bad. Took the better part of one evening for the whole job. It has worked like a charm. I had the same unit installed on my last boat. Installation was $1000 so any hassles were well worth it. Good luck.
  3. I have a 2006 270CR and installed the Garmin 3206. I love the bigger screen and you can add XM weather and depth finder in addition to the GPS. Mounted on a dual ball swivel, it is very convenient and visibility is great.
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