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Found 2 results

  1. Good afternoon, My fiance' and I just signed for a new 2016 278SS bow rider and are now in the process of outfitting it prior to the season starting. We did not get the factory GPS and would like to add one before the season starts. Our area of use is in NY and consists of Eastern Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, and we are going to try Cayuga Lake this summer. I am not too particular but 7" touchscreen minimum would be nice. No need for a transducer or radar and the budget is less than $1,000. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. (the Garmin 741xs caught my eye but am unsure)
  2. Hello everyone, We just purchased a 1995 276 and its in need of some TLC and some replacement items and I'm hoping that the mass of experience here will be able to help us. The boat's generator is missing and I'm wondering what the original equipment consisted of and what everyone is currently doing for replacement units. Also, the camper top and hardware is missing and we'd like to get a new camper cover made but we really do not know how much is missing or needed. Currently, it has a cockpit Bimini, approx 3 pieces of old yellowed izing glass, and a cockpit type cover that snaps on at the windshield and goes around the edges of the boat with tent pole in the center to stop pooling water. And finally, what gps units will fit into the factory bezel to the left of the helm? although that seems awkward to see its better than the small unit currently screwed to the top of the dash that I can't read due to sun glare. What radar setup original came with these boats of this year and where would it have been mounted. I want to try ans bring it back to original configurations. Thanks in advance for your patience and assistance we look forward to enjoying our 276!!! Thanks Chris
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