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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, With limited space on my 2007 Monterey CR 270, doing some digging around the genset to do some analysis myself was no small feat (I bet midgets could make a bundle doing this kind of stuff...). Needless to say having someone work on it... apparently means taking the whole thing out... (and it will likely cost an arm and a leg and probably a kidney). The Genset was clearly not installed to be worked on later... I was hoping to get some advice (before giving up a kidney). My genset is clearly over heating (extremely hot to the touch) and cutting out after a few minutes of running perfectly (or at least the way it should sound). So, that's probably a good thing... before it goes up in smoke. So here's what I have been able to check so far: - I have checked the impeller and its perfect (even checked that it pumps water out by the outlet (just to the left of the impeller by the outlet). Also, there is the little upside 'U' (I think it’s called a siphon break... well, if you open it... water comes out... (and yes, it is way above the water line... so clearly it comes from the pressure of the impeller pumping water thru the lines - somehow). Hard to follow the water pipes (due to limited space and visibility). - Also, I have taken out the mechanical high water temperature switch (I put into a pot, cooked it and when it reached +- 180F it seems to open about 1/4 inch - I assume this is when the engine reaches its normal operating temperature to allow the water to bypass and help with the cooling). So, this seems okay or is it? I was told to take the mechanical switch out and try it all out and see if it makes a difference... well, before I undo all the bolts... I want to hear from fellow boaters that may have solved this problem in the past. - Lastly, I spent $100 essentially having an 'expert' tell me it’s not the coolant fluid (yep, getting to that little holding tank is impossible on this boat's configuration) anyway, at least now I know that you can open the cap on top and stick your finger in and get the same results (without seeing the holding tank on the back). I assume the temp sensor (also attached) is working since it is cutting out the engine. Also, I am pretty sure that no line contains any broken pieces of impeller (however, at this point I am open to any suggestions). Any suggestion to validate that water is running thru the 'main reservoir' to cool it off? Needless to say my preference is not to open the whole thing again, just to try it out without the temperature switch. Any other ideas would absolutely be welcomed! Kind regards, Heinrich
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