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Water leaking from sea water impeller housing

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I noticed water leaking from one of the sea water impeller housing on my 2004 298SC with twin 5.7L GXI-F's. The water appears to be coming from a weep hole on the bottom of the housing. I intend on purchasing two Volvo impeller kits (Volvo part #21213660) and just replacing the impellers, O-rings and sealing rings and hope that stops the leak.


Does it sound like my plan will stop the leak or am I overlooking something? I guess it could be the housing itself but it seems like I should try the new impeller kits first. The existing impellers are about a year and a half old.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Lake Mead Monster,


Water coming out of the weep hole indicates the shaft seal behind the impeller is leaking. Change the seal but also check the "shaft to seal" contact area. It must be smooth or the new seal could fail prematurely.


Changing the impellers at recommended schedule is good preventative maintenance.

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