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My Monterey

1991 270CR "HELP"

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Dear Monterey Owners,




It was truly a sad note hearing from Monterey personal about their whererhouse fire in 1999 destroying all their prior records and manuals..........


I am in need though of the owners manual for my boat and would gladly $pay$ for anyone with the same Monterey and year (Or close too) that I own to possibly copy their manual to mail to me. I would pay all expenses for your time (Including the ink for your copier/postage) But, if anyone can help us find a original owners manual or know how or where we can get one we would be forever in your debt. There is so much to learn and know with these larger boats and I would like to know my "True- Blue" inside and out.


This is a (1991) 270cr Monterey. This year is actually 29' (30 plus LOA) with a 9' 6" beam W/ a single 7.4L Merccruiser 350HP engine and Bravo 1 outdrive. It is almost like new now after all the work I had a Marine Shop put on her these past 3 months. We are very excited to try our actual first year of Marina Life Vacationing this Spring, Summer and Fall on Lake Michigan.



Thanks for your time and wishing you a Wonderful & Safe season of Monterey boating.


Best Regards,

"True- Blue" Alias: Mpseawolf

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I found this ad for a 1992 270 CR it is located in British Columbia Canada. Do a kijij search for the ad or Google the Marina Lion's Bay. Maybe they could forward the manual to you aor pay them to copy it...Just a thought. Good Luck!



1992 270-CR always dry stored, Lions Bay Marina....

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Thanks RSUMRTOY2's.......I really appreciate the info and will check that out ASAP! Very kind of you to take the time to reply. Hope this will be the answer.

I will update you regarding the outcome. Koodos smile.gif


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My pleasure...how did you make out?



Thanks for asking and sorry for the late response.


I did try my hardest to contact the owner with 2 emails and 1 phone message but to no avail.......I never received any reply's and did not feel it fair on my part to bother them more than my 3 requests.


Trying the best I can and even have paid out quite a bit of $$$$ to professionals for work I could have done if I actually knew the actual layout and schematics of her but that is getting way to over budget for us. But again we did appreciate your time and extra effort to help us non the less.


I wish I had some idea of the actual plumbing layout/schematic so I could add a rear wash down Hot and Cold. I also just tried starting her on Muffs today for the first time and it seems like she isn't getting any fuel (Turned over real fine but no gas smell in carb or fire) It sounds like the fuel plunger is spritzing fuel into the carb when you pump the throttle too? I looked for a fuel valve and found none. Any suggestions?


Thanks again and Best Regards.

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