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source for replacement horns- for "MOST"

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For "MOST"- I have a 2005 248LSC. I need to replace the horns and the gasket below the stainless steel grill. There are 2 horns mounted below: Both are labeled "AM80 FIAMM." One is also labeled "H" (I guess for high pitch) and the other is labeled "L" (for low pitch?). I have attached a pic. Can you suggest a source for me?

thank you!


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Hi Bob & 180FS in Nashville,

I am searching for the same 2 horns and screen for my 270CR, I pulled mine out a couple of days ago too.

Same part number, They are proving very hard to locate here in Australia.

I contacted FIAMM in Italy who put me onto a local distributer but they're not much help.

I'll try the links you supplied, 180FS in your post, and see if they can supply internationally.


Otherwise maybe Monterey might be able to supply them through their international dealer network??



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Hello Aussie Heath, 180FS in Nashville and Bob,


The contact information for Monterey factory parts in Australia is:


Action Boating Shop 11, Runaway Bay Marina, 247 Bayview Street Runaway Bay, Queensland 4216 Australia

Matt Cohen matt@actionboating.com.au phone is 011-61 755 64 1995


The part numbers for all 3 boats (180FS, 248LSC and your 270 CR) are:


180FS- Horn and grill is part #60401000-00-HORN-SINGLE HORN SS GRILL Fiamm part number is #HORN-5190511

248LSC and the 270CR- Horn and grill is part #60401200-00-HORN-DUAL SS GRILL Fiamm part number is #HORN-72223-11-D/SS


Contact info for Fiamm is 231-775-2900 (Michigan, United States) or www.fiamm.com on line. You can purchase them through any Monterey dealer and I have also seen them on EBay.

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