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Replace gimbal

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I've got a 2002 242 with a 5.0 EFI merc bravo III. It seems my gimbal needs replacing. Any thoughts as to what this should cost?



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Parts cost under $100 for just the gimble bearing. Are your U-Joints okay? Usually those need replacing when the gimbal bearing goes bad. Also it's a good idea to replace the cables while you are at it. You may also want to have the drive pressure tested for leaks.

Hard to give an exact price without knowing if there is any other damage. But here goes....


Pull drive, pressure test, fill with lube and replace. $200

Remove gimbal bearing, grease and replace. $300

Time involved 4 hours at $90 = $360

Total could be anywhere from $600 to $900 depending on what else they find.


I was quoted for new cables,gimbal bearing, u-joints,parts & labor $1200 for one drive. I did not have to

have it done thankfully, as everything checked out fine after the drive was pulled and pressure tested.


Good Luck

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