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My Monterey

Fitting GPS plotter 194/204fs

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I would like to fit a 5" plotter/sounder toyt? my 194fs ...probably a Garmin Echomap 50s.

The issue is,there is no flat area on the dash.

The instruments are in a fully curved hufch, and the remaineder of dash is all curved.

I can't see how to mount, unless there was a swan neck mount(which there isn't)


All positions in front & sides would obstruct standard gauges, fitting behind gauges 'hutch' would be possible but the rake of windshield, would not allow plotter screen too be angled for any reasonable viewing.

Anybody done this?

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I put a ram mount on my dash with a 2 inch extension that I attached my plotter to. I will post a picture next week. The good thing about my setup is that the plotter can be maneuvered into all kinds of angles for viewing.

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